ALL MEDIA – CASE STUDY: Reservoir Hill

Hands On - Case Study: Reservoir HillBeth Connolly is a 16 year old who has just moved to the mysterious suburb Reservoir Hill with her mother. Along with missing her friends, boy problems and the separation of her parents, everyone around Beth seems to find her unsettling.
Soon, Beth discovers she is the spitting image of a girl who went missing a few months before. This sparks a whirlwind of intrigue as she strives to find more out about what is really going on in Reservoir Hill.
David Stubbs and Thomas Robbins were interested in creating an 8 webisode drama series at the same time Television New Zealand were developing ‘video on demand’ (TVNZ On Demand). They pitched a set-up, a storyworld about Beth using the public as allies to find out what’s going on.
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