About Firelight

Firelight Productions produce, finance and distribute film, TV, game and digital media projects. Firelight are specialists in 3D production and post production, winning the International 3D Society Best Documentary Award in 2013 for their movie Storm Surfers 3D.Well known for their ground breaking multi-platform productions, in 2009, they won the International Digital Emmy Award for Best Fiction for their all-media TV drama Scorched.

Founded in 1998 by Marcus Gillezeau [Jillezo] and Ellenor Cox, Firelight Productions have delivered to major broadcasters globally including Discovery Network, 3Net, Sky3D, National Geographic and ZDF. In 2012 they expanded in to 3D feature films, giant screen and IMAX production and distribution.

Firelight has recently formed a strategic alliance with Deluxe Australia to develop and produce a slate of feature films and TV productions with a focus on Asia.